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the fall

What was the deal with Majik Records?

In early 2003, something called Majik Recordz leaked out to the juggalo-public. It wasn't actually supposed to leak yet, the word got out somehow, and Twiztid was forced to announce it before they were ready, but regardless, it was out what was it?

Majik Recordz was announced as the home to the upcoming Samhein Witch Killaz as well as a local Detroit record label looking for up and coming acts. Only problem was......Twiztid and Tom Dubb, both of Psychopathic Records, owned the record label. Rumors started to fucking FLY! "Twiztid is leaving Psychopathic, oh my God!"

At the 2003 Gathering of the Juggalos, Twiztid and the rest of Psychopathic addressed the rumors, except....well...their answers completely contradicted each other. While Twiztid vowed that Majik Recordz was definitely the real deal and that they were really going to launch this off the ground. However, Alex Abbiss, owner of Psychopathic, dismissed Majik as a place for Twiztid to put out their little side projects, much like Joe & Joey Records, and said that Twiztid was definitely not going anywhere because they are "still under contract."

In the middle of this was Tom Dubb....employee of Psychopathic, but now working for Twiztid. He was also sporting a huge Majik Recordz logo tattoo....on the SIDE OF HIS FUCKING HEAD. If that doesn't tell you how serious they were taking Majik Recordz, nothing will. Twiztid had every intention of taking this label far. But it would end up being Tom Dubb who allegedly caused it's destruction.

Beef was brewing between Twiztid and Psychopathic Records. Although it seemed Dubb was the reason for it all. Unknown to Twiztid, Dubb had been starting drama between Majik and Psychopathic, spreading lies, instigating beef, etc. etc. Twiztid found out about it and told Tom Dubb to write a formal letter of apology to Alex Abbiss and clear the air and let Psychopathic know that he had been causing all the drama. He refused, and Twiztid fired him and his big ass tattoo too.

But by then, the damage was done. Majik Recordz website disappeared from the Internet.....and Twiztid was back in the good with Psychopathic. What happened exactly?

Well apparently, Tom Dubb refused to sell his ownership of Majik Recordz back to Twiztid.... and if he won't sell it and Twiztid won't sell their shares to can't exactly be business partners with someone you hate, now can you? So until one side or the other budges and agrees to sell their share of the company to the other, Majik Recordz remains dead.

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